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This site is for information about projects Orb_H did, including team projects and personal projects.

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List of Projects


Year Title Note

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Year Title Note
2016~7 Acid-base Titration Simulation Toy project / Graduation paper for high school
2017 Coconuts Application for convenient use of a website registering self-study location + Automated registering system
2019 SKKOIN Cryptocurrency for SKKU, ‘Co-op Project’(2019) Project
2016 covista(); Super-inexpensive 3D Scanner with Arduino, CS-project(11th grade) assignment
2017,2020 ProbieLang Interpreter Java, JS
2019 Code Inverter ‘Programming Language’(2019-2) assignment
2018,2019 Tetris(Java) Toy project / Originally planned to submit as ‘JAVA-programming Lab’(2019-1) assignment
2019 TBS(Turn-Based Strategy) Card Battle Game ‘JAVA-programming Lab’(2019-1) assignment
2019 Problem-Solving Strategy Assignments ‘Problem-Solving Strategy’(2019-2)
2021 Project Prism Rhythm game developed while on a military service, paused developing
2020,2021 근무생성기.cell Hancell1 file for auto-generating work shift, developed while on a military service
2021 Tetris(JS) Toy project / Developed while on a military service
2015 H-owler(ProjectLCK) Hide-and-seek game inspired by dormitory in high school, Minecraft Plugin

  1. A spreadsheet program of Hancom Office, which is developed by 한글과컴퓨터(Hangeulgwakeompyuteo, meaning ‘Hangeul and Computer’)